This page is where you can go to access our online program. We will post lectures, modules, and other information here. As we create more content we will be adding them to this page so please check back if you are interested.

Lectures and Modules

These lectures and modules by themselves are not the full Hillman Academy expereience, we strongly beleive that one-on-one mentoring in an authentic research environment is the best way to learn and expereince STEM. However we do hope that these online offerings will whet the appetite of those interested in STEM and research and serve as a jumping off point to go deeper in the field.

Since these materials are being offered publicly we have to restrict video and audio privledges to only students within the program. Students and viewers outside the program can still comment and participate via Youtube, we will have somoene monitoring the streams and relaying any questions.

26-JunCancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
29-Jun12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote lectureDr. Malabika SenHow to give a good Oral, Poster, and Poerwoint Presentations
6-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote lectureDr. Andreas VogtPrinciples of Drug Discovery
7-Jul1:00-2:00 PM ESTBonus LectureDr. Dara MendezIntro to Public Health
9-Jul3:00-4:00 PM ESTBonus LecturePublic Health PanelPublic Health Panel
10-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote LectureDr. Andrew DuncanLiver Regeneration from Ancient Greece to Modern Times
13-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote LectureDr. Kara BernsteinHow I got into STEM + Personal research
13-Jul3:00-4:00 PM ESTModule ActivityDr. Abby MatelaEvolve STEM Module
14-Jul3:00-4:00 PM ESTModule ActivityDr. Abby MatelaEvolve STEM Module
15-Jul3:00-4:00 PM ESTModule ActivityDr. Abby MatelaEvolve STEM Module
16-Jul3:00-4:00 PM ESTModule ActivityDr. Abby MatelaEvolve STEM Module
17-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote LectureDr. Nilgun TasdemirBreast Cancer Overview
17-Jul3:00-4:00 PM ESTModule ActivityDr. Abby MatelaEvolve STEM Module
20-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynoteDr. Mike DingMachine Learning
23-Jul12:00-2:00 PM ESTKeynoteDr. Roger Day, Samantha WatkinsTBDN/A
24-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote LectureDr. David ClumpThe Evolving Role of Radiation Therapy within Oncologic Care
27-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote Dr. Lyn RobertsonAddressing Local Cancer Disparities through a Focused  Community Approach
29-Jul1:00-2:00 PM EST LecturePaul CantalupoVirology Basics with Coronavirus Concentration
30-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTLecturePaul CantalupoProgramming in R to Download, Analyze and Visualize COVID Related Data
31-Jul12:00-1:00 PM ESTKeynote LectureDr. Nduka AmankulorHow I got into STEM + Personal research

Other Resources

Below are other virtual resources we have found. They are not from the Hillman Academy but are valuable for those interested in STEM and Research who want to go beyond our lectures.

Bio-Rad Online classroom resources: