Program and Alumni in the News

Take a moment and read about some of the accomplishments of our students and alumni. Hillman Academy students have participated in competitions, talks, published papers, and more.

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Fatimah Bisiriyu, Sophia Song, and Ananya Vyas received publication credit in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (JCIM) for their work with Dr. Koes. LINK

Caleb Bocianoski received publication credit for his work with Dr. Koes. LINK

Pablo Coen-Pirani LINK

Michael Ulis LINK

2024 U.S. Presidential Scholars

Congrats to Aneri Shethji, one of 161 high school seniors to receive the 2024 U.S. Presidential Scholar Honor. Read more HERE!

Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS)

Congrats to Malynn Jones for co-authoring a poster presented at ABRCMS.

2023 – 2024 American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)

Congrats to Adam Ferris and Abril Linares Mendoza for presenting at AMIA.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Congrats to Jade Lee for being awarded second place in the BMES High School Poster Competition!

Congrats to Aneri Shethji for being accepted into the Honorable Mention Category at the BMES High School Poster Competition in Seattle!

Advanced Placement Exams

Congrats to Anna Delale-O’Connor for being one of six students to earn a perfect score on the Advanced Placement World History Modern Exam. Read more HERE.

Congratulations to Olutoba Ojo for being selected as the Conference Organizing Chair for the International Society for Computational Biology’s International Youth Bioinformatics Symposium (YBS) 2022. Additionally, Olutoba has been awarded the Emergent Ventures Fellowship by Tyler Cowen and presented at the ABRCMS Conference as well as the 2023 ISCB Student Council Symposium.

Nordenberg Leadership Scholar

Donovan Allen was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to attend the University of Pittsburgh through the Nordenberg Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship honors leadership skills, innovative thinking and community involvement, to 5 of Pennsylvania’s top high school seniors. Read more about the scholarship HERE & HERE.

Congratulations to Amanda F. for their first publication! Amanda was co-author on a EstroGene paper published in Cancer Research.

“Being a trainee in your lab (Zheqi Li) and participating in the Hillman Academy was a pivotal moment in my trajectory, and I learned so many valuable skills, like coding in R and giving scientific presentations. These skills have helped me TREMENDOUSLY in college and the internship experiences I have had since my completion of the Hillman Academy.”

College News

Hillman Class of 2023

Congratulations to Leviticus McGraw-Sapp. for committing to Penn and being chosen as a Gates Scholar!

Mohammed A. accepted into Pitt

Lorenzo A accepted into Pitt

Joi A accepted into Pitt

Michael U. accepted into PSU

Sam F. accepted into UConn

Nancy C. accepted into Yale

Fatimah B. accepted into Penn

Jibraan R. accepted into Drexel

Hillman Class of 2022

Congratulations to Richael S. on committing to Yale University and for being chosen as a Ron Brown Scholar!

Congratulations to Maria R. for accepting a full ride into the University of Pennsylvania through the QuestBridge National College Match!

Congratulations to Sean R. for winning a full-tuition Gates Scholarship! You can read more about Sean’s journey HERE.

Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair (PRSEF)

Congratulations to Mohammed Ali A., Sophia A., Franco A., Fatimah B., Nancy C., Shaun F., Isaiah H., Jasmine H., Sulwe K., Arya M., Neil P., Akiva R., Jeremiah S., Sophia S., and Skyler S. for presenting at the 2023 Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Science Montgomery

Congratulations to Akiva R. for placing second in the Computer Science category for the Science Montgomery competition. In addition to two prestigious community awards, the 1st Place Distinguishing Achievement Award by DC Commissioned Officers Association/ U.S. Public Health Service and the 3rd Place Award by American Industrial Hygiene Association.

National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)

Congratulations to Fatimah B. for receiving an Affiliate Honorable Mention award for the 2023 Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC)!

2023 Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)

Congratulations to Alessandra A. for being selected to present at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium after placing 5th in Washington State!

2022 -2023 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS)

Congratulations to Sulwe K., Levi M., and Lea O., Franco A., and Olivia S. for placing 1st in the PJAS competition! Also congrats to Enysah R., Jasmine H., Oluwatobiloba O., Kamili W., & Sophia A. for presenting!

2022 – 2023 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) National Conference

Congratulations to Priyasha I. for being selected for the BMES poster presentation. Read more about Priyasha’s experience HERE and HERE!

2022 – 2023 American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)

Congratulations to Lucy P. and Ryan K. for being selected for the AMIA poster presentation.

2022 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science

Congratulations to Donise, Donovan, Enysah, Marcus and Sophia for placing 1st in this year’s PJAS competition and Erika Rispoli for winning the Director’s Award in Biology for the regional competition.

2022 NAACP ACT-SO Competition

Congratulations to Richael Saka for winning Gold in the Category of Computer Science Dayton OH ACT-SO Program!

2022 The Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)

Congratulations to Niya, Maria, Taylor, Sean and Anyssa for presenting at The Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)


2021 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing

Congratulations to Amanda, Amira, Erika, and Alexandria for their success at this year’s National Center for Women & Information Technology Aspirations in Computing Fair. 
2021 National Winner
2021 Western PA Winner, National Honorable Mention
2021 Western PA Winner, National Honorable Mention
2021 National Winner 

Regeneron ISEF Finalist

Regeneron ISEF Finalist

2020 PRSEF YES Students

Congratulations to YES Students Noelle, Ore, Pablo, Marcus, and Sean for their projects at the 2020 PA Regional Science and Engineering Fair. 

2020 PRSEF Winners

Congratulations to Maxim, Nicole, Zehra, David, and Sari for their projects at the 2020 PA Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

2020 – Finalist

2020 – Finalist

2020 – Finalist

Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair

Congratulations to Taylor for her 2nd place finish at the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair.

American Medical Informatics Association Conference 2019

Congratulations to David and Aaron for presenting their research at AMIA 2019. Keep up the great work!…/a…/amia-2019/high-school-scholars/

HAIS Science Fair and ISEF Qualification

Congratulations to Taylor for winning 1st place at the HAIS Science fair and qualifying for ISEF!

Spiegel Award Essay Contest

Congratulations to Taylor for winning the Spiegel Award Essay Contest! Her paper “New Technological Warfare: The Power of the Public” came in 1st place!

Rust Belt Microbiome Conference

Congratulations to Aria for presenting her poster at the Rust Belt Microbiome Conference last November.

Georgia Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Congratulations to Kiran for getting gold in the Northeast Georgia Regional Science & Engineering Fair!


NCWIT Awards for Aspirations in Computing

Congratulations to Amulya for being one of 40 national winners of the NCWIT Awards for Aspirations in Computing!

Saturday Light Brigade Radio Interview

Thank you to Kero, David and Solomon for talking about the wonderful expereinces and opportunities we have to offer. For more information about SLB radio please visit their website at:

To listen to the interview:

Regeneron Science Talent Search

Congratulations to Aria and Nicole for being selected in the top 300 semifinalists for the Regenron Science Talent Search.

KDKA Kidsburgh Interview

The Hillman Academy was interviewed for KDKA’s Kidsburgh Segment. Thank you to Nicole and Tiara for sharing their experience!

Interview on The Confluence (90.5 WESA Pittsburgh NPR Station)

Check out our live radio interview on The Confluence. Interview starts at the 22:49 mark. Includes Program Coordinator Solomon Livshits, Doris Duke Intern David Donehue, and Hillman Academy Student Rachel Rosenzweig.

2019 ISEF

Congratulations to Aria Eppinger for placing 4th in Microbilogy at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

2019 PRSEF Winners

Congratualtions to Aria Eppinger and Maria-Youmana Zarour for getting 1st place in Medicine and 3rd place in Biology at the 2019 Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detriot

Congratualtions to Saaz Malhotra for winning the Grand award at SEFMD! Additionally he qualified for ISEF!

Pennsylvania Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Congratualtions to Beatrice Milnes adn Adelle Fernando for 1st and 3rd overall as well as 1st place in Biomedical Health and Math & Computers categories respectively!

2018 Pacific Symposium for Science & Sustainability

Congratualtions to Tojo (Terric) Abella for 2nd place on his Presentation. Also for qualifying for the 2018 ISEF! 

AMIA Translational Bioinformatics Summit

Congratualtions to Brian for a poster submission and presentaiton!

IEEE Biomedical and Health Informatics

Congratulations to Adam on a conference publication!

2018 Regenron Science Talaent Search

Congratualtions to Nicole!

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Intel ISEF 2017 Results

Congratulations to Shania, Jahnik, and Elizabeth!

AMIA 2017

Congratulations to Aria, Janet, Cece, Shania, and Adam for being invited to present their work from this summer at the American Medical Informatics Association Annual Conference in DC! Thank you to their dedicated mentors Drs. Lu, Chen, Sejdic, Khalifa, Morris, and Visweswaran and to program leaders Drs. Ferris and Becich.

PRSEF 2017

Congratulations to Jahnik for winning First Place in Medicine/Health/Microbiology; to Kevin for winning First Place in Computer Science/Math; to Nicole for 4th place in Medicine/Health/Microbiology; and to Angela for winning a scholarship to Allegheny College and Chatham University all at the Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair!

August 15, 2016 — Pine-Richland student earns praise for summer work in lab
Photo source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review